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Complete Water Systems

Packerland Well Service is an installer of Grundfos pump systems.

A reliable supply of fresh water is a basic necessity for all home owners, especially for those whose source is from a private groundwater well. Grundfos is a pioneer in the groundwater pump business and has a long history dating back to the 1960’s of successful high quality pump solutions. At Grundfos, we are driven by the desire to develop the market’s most intelligent solutions that dependably provide for these basic necessities.

A full range of pumps to meet your needs

Grundfos high quality submersible pumps have been designed to efficiently meet the needs of every water well requirement, from deep to shallow, from high to low volume needs. From a simple cabin in the woods to a mega mansion with acres of lawn sprinklers, Grundfos has the ideal groundwater pump.

Technology choices

In addition to traditional conventional well pumps, Grundfos pioneered the concept of Constant Pressure pumping systems, adding increased levels of comfort and value to all water well owners.

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Complete Water Systems



Packerland Well Service is an installer of Goulds Pumps.

Packerland Well Service offers Goulds Pumps packaged with Well X Troll pressure tanks for our customers who prefer a conventional water system. Packerland sizes its pump and tank packages for long life and superior performance.

Some of the Many Features and Benefits

  • - 5 year replacement warranty on pump and controller.
  • - Advantages of our system:
  • - Stainless Steel Metal parts
  • - FDA approved Noryl and Lexan internal components
  • - Best in industry in sand handling design
  • - Durable Internal check valve constructed of Stainless Steel and Buna rubber for quiet operation
  • - Lower cost then Constant Flo system
  • - 5 year replacement warranty. Goulds was the first in the industry to offer this on its products
  • - Well X Trol tanks offer a industry leading 7 year replacement warranty on its pressure tanks

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Well X Trol

Packerland Well Service is an installer of Well X Trol.

WELL-X-TROL® redefined the industry in 1963 with the invention of the first pre-pressurized well tank. Today, Well-X-Trol Next Generation well tanks continue to deliver unparalleled performance and longevity, making them the most recognized brand on the market. With its sealed air charge and unique water chamber design, Well-X-Trol remains the choice of professionals.

The Next Generation Well-X-Trol. Redesigned with features and enhancements never seen before, Well-X-Trol now offers a 7 year warranty – an industry first. Better performance, expanded options and a longer warranty; it's the definition of what a well tank should be.

Strongest Tank Design Combining:
- High Strength Steel
- Multi-Dome Construction
- Highest Working Pressure – 150 psig
- Thickest Diaphragm
- Toughest Indoor/Outdoor Coating – Tuf-Kote™ HG
- Best Warranty – 7 Years
- Turbulator™ Patent Pending Water Circulation Device
- DuraBase™ Patent Pending Composite Tank Stand
- Amtrol Rewards™ Loyalty Points Program
- Tanks on Tour™ Mobile Education Center Support

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Well X Trol

Franklin Cattle Waterers

Franklin Cattle Waterers

Packerland Well Service is an installer of Franklin Cattle Waterers.

Franklin Equipment Inc. has been producing livestock equipment in Monticello, Iowa since 1916. From our first Barn Cleaners and Stanchions, to our newest energy efficient waterers we strive to provide quality at an affordable price. Franklin continues to serve the livestock community by making parts available and accessible, and engineering new products for an ever- changing market place.

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Franklin Cattle Waterers
Franklin Cattle Waterers


Johnson Screen

Packerland Well Service is an installer of Shur-Align.

Some of the Many Features and Benefits

The Shur-Align drop pipe’s patented design allows for quick and safe installation for any submersible pump. The patented Shur-Align joint is an innovative and simplistic PVC pipe assembly design; it features a simple alignment and engagement, a beveled shoulder, quick makeup, watertight seal.

The entire joint, not just the coupling, is formed from schedule 120 PVC for maximum strength and durability, making installation of submersible pumps quicker and simpler.

PDF IconPVC Well Screens, Casings and Accessories - North America.pdf

PDF IconShurAlign Drop Pipe Brochure.pdf

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