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FRITZ - About Packerland Well Service

Fritz Classic Photo

As the picture shows, I was intrigued about the water well industry at a very young age. The picture was taken when Norman Weber Well Drilling drilled a new well on my parents farm when I was a child and the rest is history.

Being raised on a small family farm I learned early on that a good work ethic is key to being successful in life and in business. It has taught me values that have stayed with me throughout my personal life and working career.

In the summer 1973, when I was 16, I began working part for a local family operated well drilling and pump installation business which turned out to be the same company that drew my attention as a child. After I graduated from high school,Fritz Owner I worked full time for them and eventually became Head of Drilling Operations. This is where I gained my 30+ years of experience, knowledge in the well drilling and pump installation business, and meticulous attention to detail and quality. I remained there until 2010 when due to the economic downturn I left my position. Subsequent to that I was employed in a corporate position with a company that manufactures water well drilling bits. The company was in the industry of drilling for natural gas wells in the Marcellus Shale in eastern US and gold mines in Canada. The work was very interesting for me, however, I found I was not cut out for the corporate life as I am a blue collar kind of guy. Recently, I have been employed with a company that builds anaerobic digesters. Most of our customers are large dairy businesses.

After leaving the well drilling and pump installation business I discovered that the water well industry is were I truly belonged and where my passion lies. As a result, I have formed Packerland Well Service to let me fully utilize my talents and skills that I have obtained and developed in my numerous years of experience in the water well industry.

I look forward to utilizing my hard work ethic, numerous years of experience, and attention to detail to serve your well water needs.