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Why is my water pressure fluctuating up and down?

Rapidly fluctuating water pressure is normally caused by a tank that is flooded with water. All pressure tanks require a cushion of air. Once the cushion of air is gone the pump will cycle rapidly. This is the leading cause of premature pump failure and needs to be addressed at once. Either by adding an charge of air in the tank or in the case of a diaphragm type tank replacement will be necessary. This also may be a sign of other problems such as a faulty pressure switch. There also may a problem with the pump as well. Contact Packerland Well Service at 920-418-5139 and we will correct the problem.

I have low water pressure. What is the cause of this?

Low water pressure may be caused a number of different problems. If there is water conditioning equipment in your system check if it is failing. On the back side of the conditioning unit there will be a bypass valve. Put the unit in bypass to see if the pressure increases. A slight increase in pressure is normal. In some cases there may be multiple units. If the units are failing or not sized correctly they will greatly reduce your pressure.

In newer homes the water fixtures may also be the problem. Newer fixtures do not flow as much water due to government mandates designed reduce flow and usage. Older homes may have smaller water lines that may have become plugged with age. If this is the case new plumbing may have to be installed by a professional plumbing contractor.

In most cases it may be as simple as raising the water pressure. This should be done by a professional. Up grading to constant flow system will also help. Give Packerland Well Service a call at 920-418-5139 and we will see where the problem exists and remedy it.

How do we get water from our well?

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